Sign-On Letter Opportunity: Reject Binding Arbitration for Medicare Drugs

Recently, advocates of repealing Medicare Part D's non-interference clause have proposed combining that policy with a requirement that binding arbitration is used to force lower costs.

At CAHC, we believe this is price controls by another name. It would allow arbitrators to set the price of drugs following a closed-door evaluation wherein the arbitrator holds sole decision-making authority. This threatens access to lifesaving treatment and drives a wedge between patients and their providers.

As a coalition long opposed to government interference in pricing, we have drafted a letter in opposition to binding arbitration, which you can review HERE, and we encourage your organization to co-sign.

Stand with CAHC in telling Congress to reject this harmful policy. Please contact CAHC's Amanda Krzepicki ( with questions or to sign your organization’s name. The deadline for signatures is June 7th.