CAHC Responds to President Trump's Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare

WASHINGTON, DC (October 3, 2019): The Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) – a coalition of employers, insurers, patient groups, PBMs, brokers, agents, life science companies, and physician organizations – responded today to President Trump's newly issued Executive Order, "Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors."

"From expanding popular Medicare Advantage plans that are already serving some 22 million seniors, to reducing barriers to Medical Savings Accounts and guarding against the deceitful ploy of ‘Medicare for All,’ the administration has outlined a number of commonsense steps in this Executive Order that we believe can foster a healthier marketplace for consumers,” said CAHC President Joel White.

White continued, “We are encouraged that the Executive Order acknowledges the potential of value-based payment arrangements to improve Medicare sustainability and will continue our work to deploy these payment models in Medicare Parts B, C, and D. CAHC members are also heartened by the Executive Order's support for allowing Medicare beneficiaries to enjoy a more direct share of savings from the program, including through wellness initiatives. We look forward to working with the administration as they seek to implement the Executive Order via regulations and program changes."