It’s Time to Put an End to Obamacare Waste and Abuse

American taxpayers may be getting some much needed relief thanks to U.S. Congressman Rick Allen (R-GA-12).

His bill, the Transparency and Accountability of Failed Exchanges Act (HR 4262), seeks to halt the irresponsible and wasteful spending habits of states that established private exchange programs.

After receiving more than $5 billion in federal grants, the private Obamacare exchanges have very little to show for themselves. Dismal enrollment numbers, huge overhead costs, and rampant spending have driven nearly half of them into bankruptcy.

One prime example of this waste, fraud, and abuse is Cover Oregon exchange program. After a year-long investigation, the House Oversight Committee released a disappointing report which asserted that Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber and his staff intentionally allowed the exchange to fail for political gain.

Source: The Blaze