Low 2016 Increases Seen for Enrollees With Subsidies: HHS

HHS Report on Premiums Finding: Premiums in 2016 rose average of 4 percent to $106 a month for majority of ACA enrollees receiving subsidies. Criticism: Taxpayers have to foot bill; deductibles are still high. April 12 (BNA) -- As insurers prepare to file proposed premium rates for 2017, the HHS April 12 issued a report showing that compared to 2015, 2016 premiums only rose an average of $4 a month, or 4 percent, to $106 a month for the majority of ACA customers who receive subsidies.

“Neither the proposed nor final rates offered by any individual issuer provide a reliable basis for predicting what typical Marketplace consumers will pay in the following year,” according to the report from the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. 

Source: Bloomberg Government, By Sara Hansard |