Prescriptions for a Healthy America

In 2013, CAHC launched Prescriptions for a Healthy America: A Partnership for Advancing Medication Adherence (P4HA) in collaboration with several patient, pharmacy, provider, pharmaceutical, and employer organizations to identify specific legislative and regulatory solutions that can be brought to the attention of Congress and the Administration.

P4HA joined together to raise awareness on the growing challenges posed by medication nonadherence, as well as to advance public policy solutions that will help reduce health care costs and improve the lives of patients across the nation through medication adherence interventions.

Cost saving opportunities are large. Adherence is lowest among the chronically ill, who account for more than 75 percent of all health spending. Poor adherence is the cause of 33 to 69 percent of medication-related hospital admissions in the United States, at a cost of roughly $100 billion per year. The New England Healthcare Institute (“NEHI”) estimates that total potential savings from reducing drug related morbidity could total $290 billion annually—13 percent of health spending.

CAHC believes that medication adherence is an essential delivery reform with significant potential to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes.

P4HA is developing and advancing legislation and programs that improve medication adherence in the following priority areas:

  1. Medication Synchronization

  2. Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

  3. Adherence Safe Harbor

  4. Coordinating Care and Medication Management Services

  5. Adherence-specific Quality Measures

  6. Health IT Tools