Market Stabilization

Positive Reforms to Stabilize the Individual Health Insurance Markets

Coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in peril across the country. Premiums are rising at double digit rates, and the average silver level plan deductible is $4,043 this year, ensuring that many with health coverage will remain functionally uninsured simply because they cannot afford their cost-sharing. More insurers have left the market since the ACA's enactment than have joined, lowering competition and choices for consumers. 

Addressing these shortcomings is a prerequisite step towards creating viable, competitive and workable markets for consumers. CAHC is working with Congress, encouraging them to enact the following measures to establish the framework for future reforms that will further benefit consumers: 

  1. Provide robust reinsurance funding
  2. Ensure a federal fallback provision to guarantee benefit in every state; and
  3. Meaningful 1332 reform