Clear Choices Campaign

Clear Choices Campaign: Founded in 2014 by the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, Clear Choices is a multi-stakeholder advocacy association, representing patients, providers, insurers, employers, and life science companies, that is dedicated to improving health care transparency. We advance solutions that empower consumers to make better health care choices, leading to a more robust, more competitive, and less costly health care system.

Clear Choices Campaign believes that health care transparency- on price, quality, and plan choice information- can help reduce health costs and improve health outcomes by empowering consumers to make better health decisions. Unfortunately current federal and state efforts are not effectively leveraging the latest technology and available data to accomplish these goals. To achieve this, we believe there should be:

  • Better tools for consumers and employers to make informed decisions;
  • Better data in the hands of more experts to power consumer tools; and
  • Better markets in which consumers can use comparative tools.