What is CAHC?


The Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) members believe that the cost of health coverage is too high and growing too fast. CAHC promotes policies that lower health costs through increased competition, informed consumers, and more choices to help promote access to affordable coverage.


  1. Promote competitive, efficient and transparent markets.
  2. Expand choices for consumers and employers.
  3. Support value-based delivery and payment reforms.
  4. Support incentives for wellness and prevention.
  5. Promote entitlement reforms that improve long-term program stability, strong safety nets, patient choice, efficiency and value.

CAHC Advisory Board

The CAHC Advisory Board is comprised of nationally recognized experts who provide critical guidance and advice to CAHC members and the executive management team on health policy proposals and organizational issues.

CAHC Foundation

The CAHC 501(c)(3) Foundation conducts research and examines the causes and impacts of medical cost growth, publishes papers, hosts conferences, and develops policy to address rising health costs.

Products and Services

Our staff works on a number of products and services to meet the needs of our members, including:

  • Advocacy: We create strategies and employ tactics to pen bills, to modify regulations, or to prevent damaging laws from being enacted.
  • Policy Development: We develop creative policy solutions, regulatory analyses, comment letters, and White Papers.
  • Visibility and Education: We host briefings and issue summits with national experts on major policy issues.
  • In the Loop Updates: We collect information and provide intelligence via weekly calls, email updates, and monthly meetings.”

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